CoverGirl Makeup Favorites

Top 5 CoverGirl Favorites

Today I’m celebrating CoverGirl’s decision to go cruelty free!  In the last year, I’ve done my best to eliminate non-cruelty free makeup products from my collection.  I’ve consciously avoided buying non-cruelty free makeup in favor of brands that do not test their products on animals, even where the law requires it (China).  That means that I haven’t been able to buy the major drugstore brands like Maybelline, Rimmel London, Revlon, Almay, and until now, CoverGirl.

Even though I made the cruelty free switch, I still had quite a bit of non-cruelty free makeup in my collection, including several CoverGirl products and other brands from Sephora and the drugstore.  While the products that I hadn’t used were donated to a local women’s shelter, I decided to keep and use up the products I had already opened and started to go through so I wouldn’t waste the product or my money.

I’m so excited for CoverGirl’s decision because I do genuinely love some of their products.  Before I made the cruelty free change, I had a few CoverGirl makeup products that were my ride or dies in their category. And you can bet that I went straight to Target to replenish my stock of my favorites as soon as I heard the great news! Below are five of my favorite CoverGirl products along with a few honorable mentions!

CoverGirl Makeup Favorites

Classic Color Blush

This has to be my favorite blush of all time!  The Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk is pigmented but not overpowering. I can build the color on my cheeks to be just the perfect shade of pink for any occasion.

CoverGirl Makeup Favorites

Bombshell Volume Double Sided Mascara

I use the Bombshell Volume Mascara as the base for my lash routine.  I use side 1 of the CoverGirl mascara to spread my lashes and apply a base layer to build on.  Then I go in with a layer or two the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara to top it off.  Note: I only use side 1 of the CoverGirl Mascara!  I love the gentle curve of the wand and how the formula lifts and separates each lash.

Outlast All Day Customs Reds Lip Color

As far as drugstore liquid lipsticks go, the Outlast All Day Customs Red Lip Color is the best I’ve ever tried. This lip color comes in seven shades of red so you can find the perfect shade of red for your skin tone and every occasion. The formula dries down quickly and never leaves my lips! It’s one of my go-to’s for a night on the town with no touch ups!

Katy Kat Matte Lipstick

CoverGirl’s collaboration with Katy Perry yielded an adorable and beautiful line of Matte Lipsticks that I absolutely love. My favorite from the line has to be Sphynx, a pink, dusty nude.

Simply Ageless Liquid Foundation

While the Simply Ageless Liquid Foundation isn’t my every day foundation, I love it for easy days when I just want to wear something light. The 3-in-1 formula provides a light to medium coverage that doesn’t cake or budge throughout the day. I go between the shades Ivory and Classic Ivory (depending on how tan or pale I am) and apply with either a Beauty Blender or foundation brush over my favorite NYX primer.

CoverGirl Makeup Favorites

Are you looking to make the switch to cruelty free makeup?  I familiarized myself with the ever-growing list of cruelty free brands on Cruelty Free Kitty.  This site has been consistent and almost immediate with updating their lists when a brand announces they’re going cruelty free or if they reverse their decision of being a cruelty free brand (looking at you Nars).

Honorable Mentions

CoverGirl Melting Pout Mattes

CoverGirl Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick

CoverGirl Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara

CoverGirl Makeup Favorites

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