Remodeling Our Master Bathroom – The Finished Project

This post is sponsored by Home Outlet. All opinions are my own.

I can’t believe I’m finally able to say that our master bathroom remodel is complete! We started our remodeling at Home Outlet in October 2019 with what was supposed to be a quick little project. But, as you can guess, a “little” home improvement project that involves demolition, plumbing, and more can turn into a bigger project than anticipated in no time at all.

First, I want to thank everyone at Home Outlet for helping this project come to life. From Stacin Dawson, the Conway store manager who helped us design our bathroom, to Danial and Mollie, the team at headquarters who have been helpful and understanding throughout the whole process. They have all been so wonderful!

If you haven’t read my first post in our bathroom remodel project, go back and read it here! We met with Stacin Dawson in October to start the design process. We decided on a clean white Shaker style cabinet from the Heritage Collection, a ceramic, above-counter vessel sink, and a brushed nickel faucet. After placing our order, we fleshed out the rest of the design choices, like a white quartz countertop to match our kitchen and a simple framed mirror.

Demo Day

Bathroom RemodelBathroom Remodel

The new cabinets came in three separate pieces, the two drawer columns and the center cabinet piece. Since our vanity area was oddly sized, we also had a wood spacer piece to fill the leftover space between the cabinet and the wall. I absolutely love the new cabinets. The cabinet itself is well built and sturdy with soft close doors, the drawers are spacious, and the style is classic and sleek.

As with every home remodel ever, there were some plumbing issues that required at least four trips to the hardware store, a minor hand cut, and a few swear words tossed about. But Colton pulled through like the true handyman he is and I can’t thank him enough for doing most of the heavy lifting while I took photos and handed him the tools he needed.

We finally had the beautiful white quartz countertop installed so we could set up the faucet and vessel sink. I fell in love with this square sink the moment I saw it on the Home Outlet showroom floor. I hadn’t thought of having an above-counter sink before I saw it, but it gives us both more counter space and more under-cabinet storage, which I can always get behind. It has just enough of a farmhouse feel without making it feel too out of place in our very non-farmhouse home.

The last part of our project was cutting down our old builders-grade mirror and building a frame for it. Colton did his best to cut the mirror in our garage, but it ultimately cracked on his second cut. Mirrors are hard to cut down! So we ended up buying a new piece of mirror cut to our exact measurements and Colton built a simple white wood frame for that one.

The Finished Project

We added the sleek, brushed nickel drawer pulls, touched up the walls with paint, and this is our final result.

I can’t tell y’all how relieved I am that the project is finally finished! After months of planning and designing, we finally have a vanity space that we are absolutely in love with.

I apologize for the crazy amount of photos!

We do have more plans for the bathroom, though that’s further on down the road. I refer to the vanity remodel as “Phase One” of our project. Phase Two of our plan is to rip out the jetted tub that’s directly in front of the vanity and replace it with a large tiled shower. I’m thinking multiple shower heads? Yes, please!

Then we’ll replace our current, very small shower stall with open air shelving for easy-to-reach storage. Before Phase One, we had zero storage in the bathroom. I had to buy a rolling drawer tower to hold all of my makeup and we’re currently storing our bath towels on Colton’s side of the walk-in closet, so extra storage inside the bathroom itself would be amazing.

During our partnership, Barton’s rebranded their company to encompass all of their brand names (Barton’s Home Improvement, Home Outlet, and Bargain Outlet) under one roof: Home Outlet. Visit the Home Outlet website to see their vast inventory of everything from kitchen, bath, flooring, windows and doors, and more, and to find your nearest store location.

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