Hidden Lilly for Target

Lilly for Target Haul

Get ready for a long post, y’all.

Some called it their dream come true.  Some called it the worst day of their lives.  Some even called it the Lilly Hunger Games.  All I know is Lilly for Target was a personal success.  Sort of.  Like any normal Lilly girl, I work up at 5:30 a.m., showered and dressed in my brand new Lilly Pulitzer Scalloped Delia dress, and jetted off with my mom to the nearest Target store…which happened to be 45 minutes away from my hometown.  At one point, my mom and I were two of four people waiting at the store front.  Slowly, however, the crowd grew but (thank the Lilly gods), only about 30 women had gathered by the time 8:00 a.m. rolled around.

The Experience

Now, I’ve had a battle plan in mind for months to get exactly what I wanted from the collection.  It was completely shattered when we were told by an employee that the collection was scattered throughout the store like a scavenger hunt.  I went for the women’s and girl’s clothes while my mom power-walked with a cart to the very far corner of the store for my home decor picks.

The minute the doors opened, two women ran to the Raffia totes display and threw all of them, I repeat, all of them, in their carts.  They were gone in 30 seconds flat.  RIP.  I was lucky enough to be the smallest in the crowd of middle-aged women so the XS’s in women’s clothing were mine for the taking.  I ran to the girl’s section and grabbed XL’s in a couple items (later returning for a L in one item) and made a beeline for the dressing room.  Mom had managed to wrangle everything on my list that was in the store.  I wouldn’t have gotten any of the home decor things if it weren’t for her.  She’s a goddess, y’all.  After everything was over, the store had completely sold out in about 30 minutes.

Lilly for Target

To my great disappointment, the few items that I wanted most were not even sold in my store: the napkins (I got one and 1/4…see ridiculous story below), the mug set, the square pillow in Nosie Posey, the pierced metal 10 inch candle holder, the weekender bag in Upstream and the embroidered gold clutch.

I later found the mug set and the gold clutch in other Target stores!

Lilly for Target

Lilly for TargetOOTD: Lilly Pulitzer scalloped Delia dress, Jessica Simpson heels, Kendra Scott Danielle earrings and Arden drusy bangle, Charming Charlie beaded bracelet, Forever 21 chain bangle, Essie Marshmallow on finger nails, Essie Size Matters on toe nails

The Quality

One of the main concerns of Lilly lovers everywhere was that since the collection was produced through Target and the price points were so extremely lower than retail Lilly, the quality of items, the clothes in particular, would be sacrificed.  I’m so glad to report that so far as I can tell, the quality is up to par with what Lilly sells in store.  The $26 girl’s shift dress is lined identically to the $298 scalloped Delia dress I wore.  The seams are finished and the material is durable.  The halter top is also lined but the shorts are not, which is understandable because of the lightweight, flowy material they’re made of.  A lot of retail Lilly isn’t lined so that didn’t concern me.  You do get what you pay for, but in this case, I think Lilly did a wonderful job keeping up the quality they’re so well-known for.

The Haul

So without further ado…my Lilly for Target haul!

Lilly for Target


Women’s Challis pom-pom short in Upstream – XS ($24)

Challis shortWomen’s Halter top in Sea Urchin for You – XS ($26)

Halter top

Girl’s pom-pom short in My Fans – XL ($12)

Pom pom shortGirl’s shift dress in Sea Urchin for You – L ($26)

Shift dressShift dress


Turban headwrap in My Fans ($8), Round top cosmetic bag in My Fans ($9.99)

Can you tell I like My Fans?

Turban and cosmetic bag

Home Decor

Glass 10″ candle holder in Nosie Posey ($20)

Candle holderFloor cushion in Nosie Posey ($40)

Floor cushionThe hidden Lilly in the floor cushion!

Hidden LillyThe hidden Lilly for Target in the floor cushion!

Hidden Lilly for TargetWoven basket with fabric bands, trimmed with gold ($35)

Woven basketWoven basketPrinted plates, set of 4 ($35 each, I got two sets)

Printed platesPrinted pom-pom napkins ($10 each, I got one and 1/4)

The story that comes with the one and 1/4 napkins that I bought is majorly ridiculous.  I wanted 8 napkins to match the 8 plates so I could have a decent Lilly summer dinner party.  Who wouldn’t?  Unfortunately, there were only two sets of napkins at my store and my mom valiantly scooped them both.  Then she realized there was a whole package and just one lone napkin.  Just chillin’.  She called over an employee who checked the storage room to make sure it hadn’t come loose from a package and said he could find nothing.  He added that he could sell us the single napkin for $2.50.  So I ended up buying 5 napkins for $13.50.  Bummer.

NapkinsGold plated wine toppers and corkscrew ($20), giraffe bottle opener ($10)

Wine toppers and bottle openers


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    1. I’m really counting myself lucky! Hopefully the eBay crazies will calm down and lower prices by the end of the summer so everyone can find what they’re looking for.

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