Mint Julep Boutique Slouchy Tunic

When you’re planning the perfect fall wardrobe, you absolutely have to include slouchy tunics.  A slouchy tunic paired with jeans creates a cozy, yet stylish outfit to run errands on a fall day.  My favorite slouchy tunics are from The Mint Julep Boutique!  Find out how to get this beautiful, comfy tunic half price below! Top: Mint Julep Boutique | Bottoms: YMI Jeans| Necklace: Kendra … Continue reading Mint Julep Boutique Slouchy Tunic

The Perfect Game Day Handbag

The Perfect College Game Day Handbag

It’s no secret that no one does college football like the SEC!  Thanks to growing up in Arkansas, “woo pig sooie” has been part of my vocabulary basically since I could talk.  We love going to football games almost as much as we love our team.  With many stadiums around the country, including the University of Arkansas, cracking down on safety by implementing clear bag … Continue reading The Perfect College Game Day Handbag

Fall Essentials: Outerwear

Fall Essentials: Outerwear

Fall outerwear doesn’t have to bulky or frumpy.  My goal for every outfit I wear that requires a jacket due to the cool weather is to always make sure it’s proportionate.  If I’m wearing a chunky sweater, I’m not going to put a bulky leather jacket over the top.  Instead, I would layer a scarf over the sweater.  A thinner sweater would call for a … Continue reading Fall Essentials: Outerwear

Coffee Talk Tuesday: Fall 2016 Bucket List (Printable!)

Ah, fall.  My favorite season of the year.  When I think fall, I think warm colors, cool air, layered clothes, and cozy bonfires.  Every year I look forward to my old chunky sweaters and new adventures with my family and boyfriend.  Let’s talk about my favorites of fall then find a printable Fall 2016 Bucket List at the end of the post! The Clothes Soft, … Continue reading Coffee Talk Tuesday: Fall 2016 Bucket List (Printable!)

Fall Essentials: Hat & Scarves

Fall Essentials: Scarves & Hats

With the release of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks and fall decor flooding into stores like Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, and Target, I can’t help but get fall fever!  While I’m impatiently waiting for Arkansas weather to catch up to my longing for scarves, bonfires, and hot cocoa, I’ve been on high-alert for this year’s fall essentials.  Today I’m going to highlight my favorite scarves and … Continue reading Fall Essentials: Scarves & Hats

Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Easily my favorite part of the weekend is lounging around in my comfy pajamas while I sip my coffee, catch up on Instagram, and watch a little Netflix before I get my day started.  I wanted to share with y’all a few of my favorite pajama and lounge wear pieces that I can’t live or relax without.  See my personal favorites below! Victoria’s Secret pajama … Continue reading Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Hydropeptide On the Go Anti Wrinkle Travel Set

Travel Size Beauty: Hydropeptide

School is finally back and fall is almost upon us!  As an almost two year college graduate, I love reminiscing about my days in school.  I loved having my own apartment to spread out and decorate the way I wanted.  Even if it was only during the week.  Like most college students, I moved away from home to a university.  Home was about an hour … Continue reading Travel Size Beauty: Hydropeptide

Ombre Tank Top

There’s nothing like having lunch with a view overlooking a golf course on a gorgeous day!  Colton and I split lunch in the Crow’s Nest of the local country club on Labor Day after running a ridiculous amount of errands.  For the on-the-go day, I donned an easy-going outfit consisting of a statement making relaxed ombre tank top, ripped jeans, and the perfect fall transition … Continue reading Ombre Tank Top

Coffee Talk Tuesday

Coffee Talk Tuesday: 10 Life Lessons From Gossip Girl

This Tuesday I thought I would resurrect one of my favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl.  It’s easy to get lost in the drama, couture fashion, and hunky guys that make the show worth watching.  But once you look past the glitz and glamor, you realize the show offers so much wisdom that we can apply to our lives.  Even if we don’t reside on the … Continue reading Coffee Talk Tuesday: 10 Life Lessons From Gossip Girl

How to Protect & Pamper Your Skin with Ark Skincare

How to Pamper and Protect Your Skin with Ark Skincare

Our beauty regimen is an essential part of our daily routine. With all the makeup, sweat, oil, and dirt that can clog our pores every single day, our skin is really put through the ringer, causing premature aging and lasting damage. We want to protect our skin before we head out the door in the morning and we want to pamper our skin after we … Continue reading How to Pamper and Protect Your Skin with Ark Skincare