Remodeling Our Master Bathroom – The Beginning

This post is sponsored by Barton’s Home Improvement. All opinions are my own.

I’m so excited to finally start sharing home posts on Chic Little Honey! Colton and I have been transforming our home room by room to make it the perfect cozy haven to share together. I’ll be sharing each room here as we renovate and redecorate room by room.

A kitchen showroom display at Barton’s Home Improvement.

Ever since we moved into our house in spring 2018, we’ve been adding to a long to-do list of changes and updates we want to make. The changes vary from painting the trim, building a new deck, replacing the front door, digging up the overgrown flowerbeds, and much more. We’ve been able to cross off quite a bit off that list in the last year and a half, including renovating the kitchen and painting the entire house, and we’re excited to move on to our next project: remodeling the master bathroom. 

The master bath as it is currently has a double-sink vanity and a toilet on one wall (the two divided by a privacy wall) and a jetted tub and small standing shower on the other. For the first part of our bath remodel, we want to replace the vanity and mirror.

Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel
Our current master bathroom vanity and mirror.

To complete the project, I have partnered with Barton’s Home Improvement in Conway, Arkansas. E. C. Barton and Company, which also owns Surplus Warehouse and Bargain Outlet, is an Arkansas-grown company headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas since 1885. Their 108 stores stretch across 17 states with new locations opening soon. Each store is completely employee owned and has a unique selection of kitchen, bath, door, window, flooring, and tile on display for all price points. 

Colton and I visited the Barton’s Conway location and met with store manager Stacin Dawson, who walked us through the whole design process from cabinet base to faucet finish. We first laid out our current vanity situation and what we want in the new space to be. 

Our must-haves:

  • Clean-lined and modern vanity base.
  • Originally, I wanted a dark gray cabinet with a white countertop, but I changed my mind after seeing the beautiful white cabinet selections on display. White cabinets it is!
  • Much more storage space – We’re in desperate need of storage in the bathroom. Our current vanity has four – yes four – false drawer fronts leaving us with only four cabinet doors with very little space for toiletries. And that’s the only storage available in the bathroom – hence why we added shelving to the walls above the vanity.
  • A modern mirror – The flat mirror we have now is damaged around the edges (from the previous homeowners) and simply unattractive. A framed mirror would give a much-needed update to the room.
  • Natural stone countertop – Our current double-sink countertop is chipped and stained with an odd green color that even bleach won’t remove (seriously, what did the previous homeowners do in there??). We want to update the porcelain top with a natural stone, probably a white quartz, similar to our new kitchen countertops, that will be much easier to clean.
  • A single sink – Not only do we need more cabinet storage, we also have very little counter space to work with. We only use one of the sinks we have now so we would much rather have the extra counter space and one sink to share.

Once we conveyed our wants to Stacin, he showed us a few options for our vanity base based on style, color, storage, and our custom dimensions. After deciding on Heritage Collection solid wood white shaker cabinets, Stacin sat us down and let us view a virtual version of the cabinets so we could be sure it’s what we wanted in the space. It looked perfect! And I honestly loved this feature so we could really visualize the design coming together piece by piece.

Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
The Heritage Collection Shaker cabinets we chose for our bathroom.
Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
A virtual view of the cabinets we chose.

Since we wanted a natural stone countertop, a vessel sink, or above counter sink, was the way to go. Stacin showed us their impressive display of porcelain and glass vessel sinks. I was immediately drawn to the white square sinks on functional display. It’s more modern with farmhouse undertones, making it perfect for what we wanted.

Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
The vessel sink selection display at Barton’s Home Improvement.
Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
The white vessel sink we fell in love with!

We browsed through gorgeous slabs of granite and I fell in love with a gray slab with white and shimmering flecks throughout. Then we weighed the difference between a brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finish on a tall vessel sink faucet. We waffled back and forth for a while after we left the store! But we finally decided on brushed nickel to keep the colors light and airy.

Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
Barton’s beautiful granite display.
Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
I loved this slab of granite!

At the end of our visit, Stacin walked through our selections one more time and printed photos and quotes for everything we had chosen. Overall, the design process was so easy and fun. Stacin knew the inventory inside and out and could answer all of our questions about product, style, and quality. Colton and I explored the store a bit more before we left and we fell absolutely in love with Barton’s’ selection of mosaic tile. They have some of the most gorgeous backsplash and shower tile I’ve seen.

Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
Colton and I were so impressed with Barton’s’ selection of tile!
Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodel with Barton’s Home Improvement
I fell in love with this beautiful shower tile!

Each of our selections have been ordered and now we’re waiting for everything to be delivered to the store so we can begin the demo and remodel – Chip and Joanna Gaines style!

Look for the second part of this post coming soon that will detail the remodel journey and the complete transformation of our vanity and mirror. I can’t wait to get started and share the finished project with y’all!

Visit the Barton’s Home Improvement website to see just a bit of their inventory and to find your nearest store location