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How to Get Clear Skin

Today we’re breaking down my skincare routine featuring a few of my favorite products that clean out the gunk in my pores.  Sounds fun, right?!  You’re right, it’s gross.  But very necessary.

As someone who has a dermatologist on speed dial, trust me when I say I know the struggle of keeping my skin clear.  I recently had a breakout that was the worst I’ve ever had.  It was even worse than the breakouts I had in high school.  Cue panic and frantic calls to my dermatologist, begging for a (quick) solution.  My doctor prescribed a mixture of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin called Benzaclin that I used throughout high school.  And let me tell you: it works.  However, most insurance coverage plans (like mine) don’t cover the cream, leaving the acne-prone with a bill of around $500.  Ouch!

So here’s where my personal skincare routine comes in.

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

When my skin needs a little extra care, I immediately reach for these products knowing that they will get the job done!

Clarisonic Mia 2

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

I’ve only tried one or two different cleansing brushes and I wasn’t too impressed.  However, when I was offered the chance to try the Clarisonic Mia 2 system, I thought “what harm could it do?”  And I’m so glad I took the chance!

The Mia 2 system comes with the Mia 2 device, the detachable sensitive brush head, the Deep Pore Cleanser, the Detoxifying Clay Mask, a travel case, and charge cord.

Use the code HERCAMPUS to get 15% off your own Clarisonic Mia 2 system through November 20,2016!

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

My favorite part about using the system is that the Mia 2‘s brush pulsates as you use it, vibrating the dirt out of your pores.

How it works:

  • Wet your face and apply the cleanser with your hands until it’s foamy
  • WET YOUR BRUSH HEAD. I literally can’t emphasize this enough.
  • Push the On button on the Mia 2 and feel it pulsate
  • Gently move the brush over your face in circular motions starting with your forehead
  • You’ll notice that the brush will beep at you after several seconds of being turned on.  This means it’s time to move to the next part of your face
  • Once you’ve covered your entire face, wash off the excess cleanser with warm water and pat your skin dry.  You’re done!

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

After I finish using the Mia 2, my skin feels fresh and soft.  After a week of using it, I noticed my skin glowing a little bit brighter each morning.  About twice a week, I apply the Detoxifying Clay Mask for about 10-15 minutes and repeat the steps I use for the cleanser to wash it off.

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

Ark Skincare Pro Cleanse & Vitality Moisturizer

I published a post not too long ago singing the praises of Ark Skincare‘s Skin Essentials and Age Protect skincare products.  The Skin Essentials Pro Cleanse is perfect to use right after I take off a whole day’s worth of makeup.  The cleanser gently cleans out my pores without harsh chemicals.

After using my skin has had a good washing with the Clarisonic Mia 2, I like to pamper it with the Vitality Moisturizer from the Ark Skincare Age Protect line.  I usually apply it right before I crawl into bed with my lemon water (see below) and a good book.  The moisturizer in the Age Protect line is made specifically for women and men in their teens and 20’s to protect skin from the dirt, oil, and general grime that our pores can collect throughout the day, as well as help prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles.  Count me in!


Of course I use water with the above products to wash your face, but drinking water does wonders for my skin.  No, you don’t guzzle 6 glasses a day, but I try to replace at least one coke a day with a glass of water.  I even add a slice of lemon if I want to feel glamorous.  Refreshing your body with water helps maintain that fresh glow you’ve always wanted!

How to Get Clear Skin feat. Clarisonic Mia 2

This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media, but all opinions are my own!



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