How to Protect & Pamper Your Skin with Ark Skincare

How to Pamper and Protect Your Skin with Ark Skincare

How to Protect & Pamper Your Skin with Ark Skincare

Our beauty regimen is an essential part of our daily routine. With all the makeup, sweat, oil, and dirt that can clog our pores every single day, our skin is really put through the ringer, causing premature aging and lasting damage. We want to protect our skin before we head out the door in the morning and we want to pamper our skin after we get home from our busy days. To make sure we’re treating our skin right, we need the proper products in our arsenal. Products from brands like Ark Skincare.  Ark Skincare’s goal is to break out of the “one age fits all” beauty routine. They’ve introduced Age Aware Skincare to women in three different age groups:

The range of products in each group targets specific skin concerns of each age range in order to provide better care and treatment. I fall into the Age Protect group since I’m 24.

How to Protect & Pamper Your Skin with Ark Skincare


I incorporated the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser into my morning and evening routine to see the difference (if any) in my skin. I apply a thin layer to my skin in the morning fresh out of the shower, letting it dry before I begin my makeup routine for the day.  Throughout my long day of work and running errands, the moisturiser works to hydrate my skin and protect it from getting dried out from dirt and the summer heat.  When I finally get home, I remove my makeup and reapply a thin layer before I go to bed to keep my skin hydrated while I sleep.

If you’re looking for a simple product to cleanse your skin, try the Skin Essentials range. I’ve found that the Skin Essentials Pro Remove Pre Cleanse is perfect for cleaning up any leftover makeup, dirt, and general nastiness my day throws at me.  After I’ve remove my makeup (but before I apply the Age Protect Vitality Moisturiser), I gently massage the cleanser over my face to clean my pores.

How to Protect & Pamper Your Skin with Ark Skincare


After two weeks of using the Vitality Moisturiser and Skin Essentials Cleanser, I’ve noticed a subtle difference in my skin. My cheeks and under eyes feel and look firmer and my entire face stays more hydrated throughout the day. The added extra step in my morning and night routines are paying off by protecting my skin from unwanted wear. Needless to say, these products are definite keepers in my beauty drawer.

So which skincare treatment is right for your age? Visit Ark Skincare’s website to shop their entire line of Age Aware products. And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

This post is sponsored by Ark Skincare, but all opinions are my own.


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