Dinner Party

A Surprise Dinner Party

There’s nothing I love more than spoiling my boyfriend.  So when the opportunity arose to surprise him with a beautifully-decorated, home-cooked dinner, I jumped at it!  Colton has worked so hard the past few months and spoiled me rotten.  It’s about time I did something for him. I cooked basil chicken from a recipe in my church’s cookbook (chicken breasts rolled with goat cheese and … Continue reading A Surprise Dinner Party


#NYE 2015

The hype around New Year’s Eve had never really excited me.  I always dreamed about sequins, fireworks, champagne, and that special midnight kiss but when the night actually arrived…majah let down, y’all.  Every NYE my expectations always plummet to the ground and blow up in my face in the form of watching the ball drop in NYC and bedtime by 12:05.  No fireworks.  No flowing … Continue reading #NYE 2015