Downtown Hot Springs

Small Southern Hometown

There is nothing quite like growing up in a small, Southern tourist town.  Hot Springs, Arkansas’ claims to fame stretch a mile long: America’s first National Park, birthplace of Major League Baseball Spring Training, home of Oaklawn race track and the Arkansas Derby, favorite hiding place of Al Capone in the 1920’s, hometown of President Bill Clinton, home of the internationally acclaimed Hot Springs Documentary … Continue reading Small Southern Hometown

Be A Pro at Looking Professional

I recently had a request to write a post on work/professional attire and I thought, why not!  This is actually a perfect post for me to write at the moment considering I just started my new position of Director of Communications.  Dressing professionally isn’t just about looking good.  Professional attire shows your coworkers, clients/customers, and bosses that you are taking your job seriously.  You are, … Continue reading Be A Pro at Looking Professional


#NYE 2015

The hype around New Year’s Eve had never really excited me.  I always dreamed about sequins, fireworks, champagne, and that special midnight kiss but when the night actually arrived…majah let down, y’all.  Every NYE my expectations always plummet to the ground and blow up in my face in the form of watching the ball drop in NYC and bedtime by 12:05.  No fireworks.  No flowing … Continue reading #NYE 2015