Who is Chic Little Honey?

I’m a twenty-six year old wine-drinking, fashion-obsessed, Starbucks-sipping, French-speaking, golf-playing, literature-loving, college graduate, now Communications Director.  White girl problems rule my life, but don’t let let that fool you; I wouldn’t trade my high-heels with anyone.  My family is my backbone, my friends are my spirit, and life is my passion.

How did I get where I am today?

I started this blog to pair with my anonymous Twitter account of the same name.  But then life happened…I graduated from my university, landed an awesome job as a Communications Director, and found an amazing man I plan on spending the rest of my life with.  I finally deleted my Twitter account but kept my blog as a creative outlet.  On this blog, you’ll see all the outfits I put together for work, events, dates, or just hanging out on the weekend.  You’ll read about the places I discover, the adventures I go on, and the odd opinion or two.  I try to keep the atmosphere of everything I post light and happy so I hope y’all will all have fun reading along!

What is your style?

I would describe my personal style as extremely versatile.  I’ll wear anything from Lilly Pulitzer to destroyed jeans to leggings to beanies.  My day-to-day style depends on the weather, my mood, the music I wake up to, when laundry day is, etc.  It’s always changing!  And I see that as a good thing; it’s boring to dress the same way every single day.  How mundane!  I spice up my outfits with accessories and pop pieces that are sometimes edgy, but always memorable and classic.

Meeting new people who share my passion for all things fun and fashionable is one of my favorite things!  Interact with me on my posts, email me, tweet me, or follow me on Instagram.  I don’t bite, I promise!  (Unless you steal my macarons, that is.)

Chic Little Honey is partnered with affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases/clicks by those who visit this site. All views expressed on Chic Little Honey are my own.

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