Scotch & Soda Printed Dress

Scotch & Soda Printed Dress

I’ve had this beautiful dress in my closet for the past few weeks and I’m so happy I can finally share it with y’all!  I was celebrating my best friend’s birthday in Little Rock, when I saw this gorgeous gold printed dress in the window of Etta Margaret.  I took a quick photo of it on the mannequin and went to buy it the following week.  Etta Margaret is a locally-owned juniors store that specializes in unique clothing and accessories for young girls and boys.  I’m obsessed with everything they have in the store!  Y’all will definitely be seeing more looks from Etta Margaret coming soon.  Scroll down to see how I styled this dress!

Scotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed DressScotch & Soda Printed Dress

Dress: Scotch & Soda from Etta Margaret | Boots: Dolce Vita | Belt: Amazon | Ear Cuff: Amazon

This particular dress is by the Amsterdam brand Scotch & Soda.  And yes, I’m now obsessed with them!

Let’s start with the sizing.  I didn’t know it when I first saw it in the store window, but this particular dress is from Scotch & Soda’s young girls line.  Since Etta Margaret is a juniors store, most of their inventory is for young girls and boys, but they do carry some styles in adult women’s sizes, too.  If you’re a petite woman like me, you’ll be able to fit into Scotch & Soda’s girls line sizes 12-16 with no problem.  I bought this yellow dress in a size 14.  The dress covers everything it needs to and fits like a dream!

Now we can move on to the fun part: styling!  I love the dress the way it is, but I wanted to add a belt around the middle to give it a little extra tailoring.  I found this gold bar belt on Amazon a few months ago and I’ve been dying to wear it with something!  The gold belt plays well with the gold in the dress and adds bling to the outfit as a whole.

I hate to admit it, but I bought these Dolce Vita boots specifically for this dress!  The nude boots act just like a pair of nude pumps would – they elongate my short legs and elevate the outfit without taking attention away from the centerpiece: the dress.  These boots are so comfortable and they’re already my new favorite fall/winter boots!

Lastly, I wanted to show off this beautiful little ear cuff.  I found this gem while browsing on Amazon (my new favorite pastime, if you couldn’t tell) and I had to have it.  Ear cuffs, especially one as elaborate as this one, work better when you style your hair up or to the opposite side you’re wearing the cuff.  I think it’s a lovely but subtle addition to any outfit.

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