Tips for Engagement Photos: Part 1

Wedding bells are in the air!  Today I wanted to share with y’all a few highlights from my engagement photos.  Colton and I took these photos in June with Callie Sterling of Sterling Imageworks.  Callie and Jaison are wedding and lifestyle photographers based in Little Rock, Arkansas.  And they are amazing!   I knew even before we were engaged that I wanted them to be our wedding photographers.  Just take a look at their Instagram feed and you’ll understand why!

Now, as a newly engaged woman, I wasn’t too worried about our engagement photos.  I didn’t have a particular vision of what I wanted the photos to look like or what I wanted to wear.  Honestly, it all sort of just fell into place the week of the shoot!  After reading through several articles on various wedding websites, I realized that I didn’t have the fear that most brides have about their engagement photos because I’m comfortable posing in front of a camera.  Even before I started my fashion blog, I was used to being the subject of my mom’s never-ending home photoshoots.  I was just used to it.

So here I am, sharing both my gorgeous engagement photos and a few tips on how to look and feel your best for your engagement photos!   Scroll down for the first tip then come back tomorrow for more!!

Dress: Alexander McQueen (same dress in ombre blue, green, and red) | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Earrings: Gorjana

Tip 1: Coordinate

One of the first ways for your engagement photos to turn out nothing short of perfect is to coordinate your outfits. Trust me when I say it’s harder than it sounds. And I’m even a fashion blogger!

The key is to not look too matchy-matchy. In our first set of photos, Colton wore a black J.Crew suit sans tie. I wore a navy chiffon gown with nude heels. Yes, we broke the “never pair black with navy” fashion rule. However, it worked for us.  The difference in black and navy is so subtle that you can barely see it in the photos, but it’s different just enough so that we don’t look overly matched.  We also decided that Colton wouldn’t wear his tie to avoid looking too formal.  We wanted our photos to be easy-going with a touch of elegance.

Work out your outfits ahead of time.  Decide how many outfits you want to wear then decide if you want the outfits to be formal, casual, a little in between, or a combination of the above.  Our first set of photos were formal: he wore a suit and I wore a gown (see above).  Our second set was our “Sunday best”: he wore slacks and a collared shirt, and I wore a cocktail dress.  And finally and our third set was causal: he wore jeans and a shirt, and I wore a romper and wedges.  That’s about as casual as I get!

Then comes the fun part: dressing up!  Work with your fiancé to find the combination of colors and layers that don’t clash (example: your orange dress with his blue polo).

Come back tomorrow to see our next set of photos and another tip!



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