6 Last Minute Practical Christmas Gifts

Every Christmas I ask myself, “What do I get someone who has it all?”  It’s so hard to find gifts for everyone in my family who already has it all.  Gifts they’ll actually use instead of tossing in a closet a few weeks after use.  I agonize over gift ideas until I finally find the one I know they’ll love.  This Christmas, I’ve found 6 practical gift ideas for almost everyone in your life for Christmas!  See all of the ideas below.


For the socialite


Grasswalkers are, by far, one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year.  Have you ever been to a party where you had to avoid the grass in fear of ruining your dainty stilettos?  Ladies, raise your hands.  But Grasswalkers is here to save the day!  Grasswalkers are a piece of hard but flexible plastic that adhere to the bottom of your heels so you can walk with ease on grass in your heels.  They’re almost invisible when you wear them so they don’t take away from your gorgeous shoes!

Grasswalkers come in pairs in two sizes, small (fits up to size 8.5) and medium (fits sizes 9-11).  When you get your pair, simply peel off the protective plastic and press the adhesive side of the Grasswalkers onto the soles of your heels.  Hint: It’s best to do this while you’re sitting!  Then you’re free to move about the yard!  When the party’s over, gently peel the Grasswalkers from your heels without any damage, even from the most delicate of leather soles.



For your special someone

Perfume and cologne are intimate gift ideas that rarely disappoint.  If your mom, dad, or significant other are running low on their favorite scent, pick up a new bottle and include a sweet message just for them.  If your girlfriend is still trying to find her signature scent, try the Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler so she can pick from a variety of brands.  The Sampler also includes a coupon for a free full size bottle of her scent of choice!

Wine Preservation System

For the wine connoisseur

I give credit to my dad for finding this cool gift idea.  We love to drink wine, but we don’t always finish a bottle in one night.  The Coravin Wine Preservation System saves the opened bottle from going to waste.  Use it to keep the cork in place while you pour a glass of wine.  Remove the system and the cork to your bottle fills itself in, as if it has never been opened.  Brilliant, right?

Living Gifts

For the adventurer

Some of the people in my life, including myself, prefer to collect memories through experiences over odds and ends.  Check your local arenas for concerts, lectures, readings, or other performances someone in your life will love.  Treat your mom to a day at the spa or give your dad the gift of driving a race car for a day.  Giving a living gift will give them memories that will last longer than any kick knack.



Fluffy robe

For the homebody

Who doesn’t love a comfy robe?  This faux fur trimmed robe from Potterybarn is my favorite for curling up with Netflix and hot chocolate.  Everyone will love this super soft, adorable robe for when it’s cold outside.

This post is sponsored by Grasswalkers, but all opinions are my own.


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