May 2016 Favorites

It’s officially my birthday month!  June has always been one of my favorite months of the year (besides the obvious reason) because it’s when summer really gets going.  Being poolside with cold Diet Coke in hand and the sun beaming down on my pale skin is where you’ll find me this month!  But before we dive into summer, check out my favorites in fashion, beauty, food, books, and memories from the month of May!


Camisole tops

May Favorites - Camisole Tops

There is nothing like a camisole top in the spring and summer.  The camisole top is essential because of its ultimate versatility.  Wear it with shorts, jeans or skirts, with simple or statement jewelry, by itself or layered with scarves, jackets, or cardigans.  My goal for this summer is to have one in every color!  My favorite of all the ones I own is the Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Camisole, but I’m also found of the J.Crew Factory camisoles (on sale!).

Boho Betty Jewelry

May Favorites - Boho Betty Jewelry

Like all fashion girls, I appreciate beautiful jewelry.  I found Boho Betty through Instagram and quickly fell in love with their boho chic vibes.  The above Cowhide Cuff Bracelet (on sale!) is one of my favorite pieces in the store.  Check out Boho Betty’s wide selection of braided and beaded jewelry and use the code CHICLITTLEHONEY at checkout to get 10% off your entire order!

Draped cardigans

May Favorites - Draped Cardigan

Need something to layer over that strapless top when the sun goes down or the wind picks up?  A draped cardigan is my go-to accessory!  This gray cardigan from H&M has been my sidekick for the past two months.  And it’s under $30!  I wore it over a t-shirt on every flight to and from Washington D.C. in April, to tour museums, run errands, and to keep away the chill of the extreme air conditioning at work.

Christian Louboutin flats

May Favorites: Christian Louboutin Flats

Let’s just take a moment of silence to praise these gorgeous shoes.  Done?  Ok.  If you’ve ever legitimately worn Louboutin heels, you know the pain and extreme discomfort that inevitably comes with them, thanks to the designer’s slightly skewed philosophy on women’s footwear.  So who knew Christian could (or would) design a shoe that is actually comfortable to wear??  These cork flats have been a relief from my constant wear of heels.  I’ve always been wary of flats due to my small stature (I’m 5’2), but thanks to new trends like the athleisure movement, I’ve branched out and tried wearing flats again.  I may never go back!  Just kidding, y’all; I love my heels.  Shop similar styles to these flats here and here.


Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

May Favorites - Tarte Foundation

Ever since I fell in love with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation, my bank account has been crying.  Literally.  At $39 a tube for a foundation I use literally every day, it can get pretty pricey.  But I just can’t help but indulge in the luxurious full coverage, oil-free perfection that is Amazonian Clay.  I inherited oily skin and hair from both of my parents so finding makeup products that are geared toward my skin type is heaven.  When you find something that works, the price is worth it!



Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

May Favorites: Career of Evil

For those who have been living under a rock, Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym used by J.K. Rowling to publish her first murder mystery series after her seven book and eight movie Harry Potter phenomenon came to a close.  Her first post-wizarding novel, The Casual Vacancy, received criticism from both sides of the spectrum.  Rowling showed she was capable of producing literature that didn’t involve magical spells muggles can barely pronounce by stretching her literary wings into the social and political commentary sub-genre of fiction.  Critics applauded her first adult novel for its complex plot and characterization, but negated it because, well, it just wasn’t about Harry Potter.

Enter “Robert Galbraith” and the Cormoran Strike murder mystery series.  Career of Evil is the third of the series, with The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm preceding it, respectively.  The series follows a young temp secretary, Robin Ellacott, as she works for brooding Cormoran Strike, a veteran amputee turned private detective.  The storyline of each installment gives equal focus to the lives of the two main characters as well as the main case of each book.  Rowling (I mean, Galbraith) writes each scene with as much detail as she did with Harry Potter.  If you love mystery, you’ll love this series.


Talenti ice cream

May Favorites - Talenti Gelato

I’m a sucker for anything peanut butter, especially peanut butter flavored ice cream.  The Talenti Peanut Butter Pretzel Gelato creates a succulent mix of creamy gelato, soft chunks of peanut butter, and balls of crispy pretzel.  Add rainbow sprinkles on top for a dessert made in heaven.


Memorial Day at the Lake

May Favorites - Memorial Day at the LakeMay Favorites - Memorial Day at the LakeMay Favorites - Memorial Day at the Lake

My boyfriend’s family are notorious camping lovers.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I prefer the comfort of an air-conditioned hotel suite with a bathroom and soft mattress close at hand to sleeping in a tent and having to walk half a mile to the community showers.  But Colton somehow makes the family camping trips to Degray Lake State Park bearable and even fun by taking my mind off of the bugs and humidity.  He fished while I tanned, we made humongous s’mores, and spent time together with his family.

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