Lake Day

A Day at the Lake

Arkansans are notorious lake bums.  With our numerous lakes and resorts, there’s rarely a weekend in the spring and summer months that we aren’t somewhere in the state on the water.  Colton’s family loves to camp on Lake De Gray so I spent part of the Memorial Day weekend with them on the water.  What Colton didn’t know about was my utter disdain for camping and most forms of nature.  I hate it.  But since I love him so much and I’ll do anything for him, I suffered through the bugs, the mud, the periodic rain, the community bathhouse, and the humidity to be with him and his family.  We spent most of Sunday on the water in his boat so he and his friend Hunter could fish and I could relax and enjoy the somewhat cloudy day.

Lake DayExcuse the crazy hair! I haven’t mastered beach pretty hair as of yet.

Lake DayLake DayI can now say that months of hard work have finally paid off!!  Working out almost every day after work and cutting out (most) junk food from my diet has helped me finally achieve my goal body.  I did it for the bikini, I did it for the confidence, I did it for myself.  So go me!

Lake Day


Lake DayTwinning in Sperry’s!Lake DayWearing: Lauren James beachcomber, seersucker Sperry’s, Victoria’s Secret Flirt bandeau top, Walmart bikini bottom, Jessica Simpson aviators, Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses strap


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