Wedding Traditions We Broke, Part 2

Today’s post is the second half of a mini series talking about the wedding traditions Colton and decided just weren’t for us. We both loved and hated the wedding planning process. We were able to mold the day into something that was uniquely ours, and that sometimes meant eliminating classic wedding traditions from the timeline. Part one of the mini series focused on the traditions … Continue reading Wedding Traditions We Broke, Part 2

3 Things That Surprised Me About My Wedding - An Arkansas Wedding

3 Things That Surprised Me About Our Wedding

I’m going to be honest: Colton and I had no idea what to expect going into our wedding day.  We weren’t planning on “winging it”, but it’s one of those experiences that is unique to everyone.  In the several months leading up to the wedding, I liked, followed, and read countless wedding magazines, blogs, and Instagrams so I could glean as much information as possible … Continue reading 3 Things That Surprised Me About Our Wedding

Mary Kate Arkansas Bride Wedding

Why You Should Do Bridal Portraits

Well, here we are two weeks after my wedding!  May 19, 2018 marked the beginning of my new life as Mrs. Whitmire.  The wedding was, in a word, perfect.  It was everything Colton and I wanted, and so much more. The wedding is partially to blame for my recent absence from Chic Little Honey, the blog.  I underestimated the excessive amount of stress that one … Continue reading Why You Should Do Bridal Portraits

Just Engaged Essentials

If you haven’t already heard, I’m engaged!  And of course, in true blogger style, I had to have EVERYTHING  engaged/ bride-to-be/miss-to-mrs related.  Like everything. I was able to restrain myself a little by narrowing my favorites down to an eight-part list that includes items such as tumblers and mugs (because I have an addiction), shirts, journals, and other frivolous items that are more for fun … Continue reading Just Engaged Essentials