How To: Halloween On A Budget

Are you just dying to have a fabulous Halloween, but the size of your bank account is scarier than Nightmare on Elm Street?  Never fear!  Try out these last minute tips for having a fun and stylish Halloween on a budget! Mini Party/Decor Throwing a small Halloween party for watching horror movies, telling scary stories, or getting ready for an even bigger party is an … Continue reading How To: Halloween On A Budget

DIY Glitzy Pumpkin

DIY: Glitzy pumpkins

Fall is here!  And if you’re like me, decorating for Fall and Winter holidays is life.  I tend to lean away from the creepy/scary Halloween decor and opt for cutesy and fun items to display on my desk at work and my bedside table at home.  For this DIY project, I’m going to transform plain, cheap pumpkins into glitzy pieces that will brighten up my office … Continue reading DIY: Glitzy pumpkins