Pajama Inspired Blouse

Pajama Inspired Blouse

The pajama inspired blouse is having its moment, y’all.  And to be honest, I hope it lasts a long time.  See the outfit details below!

Pajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired BlousePajama Inspired Blouse

Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Lip color: Maybelline

The pajama inspired blouse is, quite literally, a blouse inspired by the traditional matching pajama sets you grandfather probably wears.  The sets are cute, fun, and oh, so comfy. Taking a style connotated with comfort and transforming it into a high fashion trend is interesting and ironic.  And I love it.

I paired this filmy top from Forever 21 with dark wash, ultra skinny jeans from the same brand.  Even though both pieces are affordable, the result is sophisticated and put-together.  To add the finishing touch of polish, I donned my Christian Loubotin nude stiletto pumps.

Budget-friendly clothing meet ridiculously expensive luxury shoes. 

However, I think we can all agree no one does pump silhouettes quite like Louboutin.  The über skinny stiletto spike and slim foot body extends my little legs to give an illusion of height.  Something I desperately cling to whenever I can get it. 



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