How He Proposed

How He Proposed: I’m Engaged!

How He ProposedForget Fashion Week… I said yes in New York City!!!

If you’re following me on social media (psst you should be! Follow here), you’ll know that my boyfriend, Colton, proposed while we were in New York City for Fashion Week. It was a whirlwind trip and we didn’t come close to accomplishing even a fraction of what was on our “to do” list. However, the proposal was far and away the best unexpected surprise of my life!
How He Proposed

Colton later told me the last minute inspiration for his proposal plan came from me the night before while we were eating dinner at our new favorite NY restaurant, Blackwell’s. He said I was talking up the Empire State Building as one of the most romantic places in NY thanks to expectations set up by An Affair to Remember and Gossip Girl. Hearing him say this surprises me even more because I’m always insisting that he never listens to what I’m saying, especially when it comes to classic movies and Gossip Girl.

Saturday comes quickly and we’re rushing through our day, first attending the ShopStyle Social House then rushing to my first ever fashion show, Yuna Yang. In between Yang and my next show, Mac Duggal, we went shopping. Duh! After leaving Tiffany & Co, I was feeling so frantic by the crowds and long Uber rides that I decided to skip the second show to spend more time with Colton. I figured Fashion Week will always be there but I won’t get these moments with Colton back. How’s that for foreshadowing?

How He Proposed

We ventured to Henri Bendel and Ladurée before finally hailing an Uber to our final destination, the Empire State Building. Call me a tourist, but I was giddy when we pulled up to the building! We made our way through security, winding halls, the ticket line, a photo booth, and more winding halls before finally reaching the first elevator. I had no idea it would only take us to the 80th floor! We trudged through more winding halls with our fellow tourists until we reached the second elevator, which was situated oh, so conveniently next to the gift shop. Finally, we stepped out onto the 86th floor observation deck. The view was breathtaking!

We stared, took a few photos of the skyline, and walked around a bit before we decided to take a photo. I asked the woman next to me to take a photo of us and Colton handed her his phone.

As the woman was about to take the first photo, Colton pulled away from me and bent down on one knee, the ring in his hands. Then the photos say it all.

How He ProposedHow He ProposedHow He Proposed

We stuck around for a few more minutes to take in the moment, dry our tears, and take a few more photos. Then we crawled in the Uber and, of course, called my parents and texted my friends.

How He Proposed

Dinner that night was simply perfect. We went back to Blackwell’s for delicious, greasy food and a beer (for me) and a scotch (for him). I kept saying, “I’m engaged. I’m engaged,” in my mind because I couldn’t believe it was true. Two and a half weeks later, I still can’t believe it!

Now all I can say is “Let the wedding planning begin!”

How He Proposed



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