Black Cape Dress

Black Cape Dress

The the black dress is, and always will be, a closet staple for every fashion forward woman.  But the same black dress can get a little more than boring.  So when I find a LBD with a modern twist, I jump for it!  See the fun twist I put on this elegant dress below!

Black Cape Dress

Black Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape DressBlack Cape Dress

Dress: C. Luce (from local boutique Pink Avenue) | Shoes: Micheal Kors | Necklace: local boutique Pink Avenue | Bracelets: Pura Vida (Save the Orcas, B.E.A.C.H. Platinum – Marine Debris Solutions, Beach Life, & Midnight Waves)

This new take on the little black dress captivated me from the moment I saw it on the rack at local Hot Springs boutique Pink Avenue.  The body of the dress is a simple, flattering pencil silhouette.  A short v-neck cape drapes from the shoulders to the bust with a slit at the back of the dress.  This simple yet elegant detail gives a extra air of mysteriousness that only a LBD can provide.

With this dress, I could have easily paired a statement necklace with sparkly earrings for a full-on glam look.  But I wanted to do something really fun.  The necklace is a mixture of poms, wooden beads, and a bright tassel, making it one of the most outlandish and bright necklaces I own!

My arm candy features Pura Vida Bracelets, a company with a mission.  Pura Vida bracelets are handmade with love in Costa Rica.  For each charity bracelet purchased, Pura Vida will donate 10% of the net profits to the charity the bracelet is named after.  My two charity bracelets are in honor of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (Save the Orcas) and B.E.A.C.H. (B.E.A.C.H. Platinum – Marine Debris Solutions).  Pura Vida offers dozens of bracelets to choose from and I have so much fun stacking them in different ways to create a new piece of arm candy.



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