Pajama Inspired Blouse

Pajama Inspired Blouse

The pajama inspired blouse is having its moment, y’all.  And to be honest, I hope it lasts a long time.  See the outfit details below! Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Lip color: Maybelline The pajama inspired blouse is, quite literally, a blouse inspired by the traditional matching pajama sets you grandfather probably wears.  The sets are cute, fun, … Continue reading Pajama Inspired Blouse

Lilly Pulitzer Short & Off The Shoulder Top

Lilly Pulitzer Short & OTS Top

Can you believe we’re almost a month away from the first day of fall?  It feels as if summer just began!  I’m squeezing all of my favorite summer outfits into these last weeks of super warm weather, including this one featuring printed shorts and the ever popular off the shoulder top.  See all of the details below! Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer | Top: Forever 21 (similar … Continue reading Lilly Pulitzer Short & OTS Top

Sweater & Shorts feat. European Famous Brands

Sweater & Shorts Outfit feat. European Famous Brands

This outfit may seem like an oxymoron upon first glance.  A sweater with shorts?  What??  But honestly this outfit is one of my favorites of the summer.  Sweaters and summer don’t usually mesh… unless you’re like me and you freeze even when it’s averaging in the 90’s all week. Putting together a summer transitional outfit like this is easy.  All you need is a loose … Continue reading Sweater & Shorts Outfit feat. European Famous Brands

Balenciaga Cream Silk Dress

Colton outdid himself once again with my birthday present in June.  Last year, he gave me a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown that took my breath away.  This year’s gift was this adorable Balenciaga silk dress.  He deserves the Best Fiance Award for understanding my weakness and pure passion for beautiful designer clothing. Staying true to my original style, I paired this designer dress with some … Continue reading Balenciaga Cream Silk Dress

Romper & Feather Trimmed Blazer

Having a fabulous piece on your wardrobe like this ostrich feather trimmed blazer by Elizabeth and James can be both a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, it can turn any hum-drum outfit into a bold statement.  On the other, it’s so dang flashy that it’s hard to style for a typical Wednesday night on the town.  The blazer is a pièce de résistance … Continue reading Romper & Feather Trimmed Blazer

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top & Colored Short

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top & Colored Short

Lilly Pulitzer and summer are synonymous.  They go hand-in-hand like the beach and pina colodas.  Today I’m showing off the Lilly signature Elsa top with matching colored shorts.  See all of the details below! Top: Lilly Pulitzer | Shorts: Old Navy | Shoes: Restricted| Earrings: Gorjana Welcome summer!  Kinda. Not really. You’re too hot. Go away.  I need fall already! When the summer heat gets … Continue reading Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top & Colored Short

Sara Boo Sequin Dress

We’re getting fancy in today’s post!  I’m showcasing this gorgeous sequin shift dress by Sara Boo that is perfect for parties, dates, or just a fun night on the town!  See all of the details below. Dress: Sara Boo Sequined Shift Dress Sara Boo’s sequined shift dress is simply divine.  Metallic sequins and beading encompass the entire deep beige dress, giving it the right amount … Continue reading Sara Boo Sequin Dress

Weekend Outfit feat. Corkys Footwear

We’re in the home stretch, y’all! Weekend is only a day away and I’m already looking forward to what I’ll be wearing on my weekend adventures.  I teamed up with Corkys Footwear for one more post featuring a pair of their comfortable and fun sandals.  See all of the details below! Sandals: Corkys Footwear | Top: Lilly Pulitzer | Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch | Cardigan: … Continue reading Weekend Outfit feat. Corkys Footwear

Western Boots by Corky's Footwear

Western Boots by Corkys Footwear

Western boots are a staple to a Southern girl’s wardrobe.  No matter the season, boots are always a good go-to when you’re at a loss of what to wear.  I teamed up with Corkys Footwear to showcase their adorable western boots. You may know Corkys from their famously comfortable flip-flops.  I’m guilty of owning more than one pair! Corkys is an Arkansas company and I … Continue reading Western Boots by Corkys Footwear