Just Engaged Essentials

If you haven’t already heard, I’m engaged!  And of course, in true blogger style, I had to have EVERYTHING  engaged/ bride-to-be/miss-to-mrs related.  Like everything.

I was able to restrain myself a little by narrowing my favorites down to an eight-part list that includes items such as tumblers and mugs (because I have an addiction), shirts, journals, and other frivolous items that are more for fun than anything else.  As I start planning my wedding and assembling my bridesmaid squad, I’ll have these adorable little reminders that I’m about to marry the love of my life!

Btw, the official wedding hashtag is #WeddingWhitmire.  You know, because that’s important.

Just Engaged Essentials1. Ring ice tray (so your champagne – or water – can match your ring) \\ 2. Disco ball tumbler (because this is a party!) \\ 3. Ring drink floats (for time by the pool to take away the stress of wedding planning) \\ 4. Bride-to-Be Book (to preserve your memories for years to come) \\ 5. Miss to Mrs. tumbler (it’s Kate Spade… do I need to say anything else?) \\ 6. Bride tee (every bride needs at least one!) \\ 7. I’m Getting Meowied mug  (because the cuteness) \\ 8. Mr. & Mrs. ring tray (so you don’t lose that precious ring)





6 thoughts on “Just Engaged Essentials

  1. You know me, most everything that needs to written down can be done on your phone! But, I have found that looking back at how I organized it all 27 years ago, i.e. a planner, is so special . So excited about this wedding !!! Darby oxox


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