Layered Chunky Sweater

Layered Chunky Sweater

Ever wondered what to do with those sweaters that are just a wee bit too short for your comfort?  I feel your pain. Instead of tossing those sweaters in the “never wear” pile, try layering them with flowing camisoles. Seems simple, right?  See the outfit details below! 

Layered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky SweaterLayered Chunky Sweater

Sweater: American Eagle (similar here & here) | Camisole: Lilly Pulitzer | Denim: Forever 21 | Shoes: Michael Kors

I’ve loved this chunky sweater from American Eagle since my mom gave it to me for Christmas in my early college days.  But the dang thing was just so short!  And no, it’s not a crop sweater.  I prefer my tops hit a little bit lower on my abdomen, so I layered a longer camisole under the sweater.  It seems like such simple concept, right?  The camisole sticks out just enough so that it gives a little more of a feminine vibe to the outfit.

The camisole I chose is the Belle silk camisole from Lilly Pulitzer.  To be honest, the Belle and Dusk silk camisoles are the best clothing items Lilly has produced in recent years.  The silk material is light enough to go unnoticed underneath a chunky sweater like this one.  Plus it adds a bit of warmth for those extra chilly days!


7 thoughts on “Layered Chunky Sweater

  1. How cute are you in this adorable sweater!? I just moved to Nashville, much colder than my old home in New Orleans. Love seeing looks like this as I work on getting more cold weather pieces in my wardrobe! xoxo! Andi


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