Fall Essentials: Outerwear

Fall Essentials: Outerwear

Fall outerwear doesn’t have to bulky or frumpy.  My goal for every outfit I wear that requires a jacket due to the cool weather is to always make sure it’s proportionate.  If I’m wearing a chunky sweater, I’m not going to put a bulky leather jacket over the top.  Instead, I would layer a scarf over the sweater.  A thinner sweater would call for a quilted vest, while a long-sleeve tee would be perfect with a leather jacket.  See my favorite outerwear pieces for fall below!

Fall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: Outerwear

Vests are one of the easiest ways to add a little warmth to your outfit while also elevating your style.  My favorite type of vest is quilted down.  Unlike a puffer vest, a quilted vest doesn’t add much excess weight or material to your outfit.  And we can’t forget the ever-popular printed vest and faux fur vest!  The faux fur vest pushed me far out of my comfort zone, but it’s so comfortable and warm!

Puffer Vest | Quilted Vest here & here | Houndstooth Vest | Faux Fur Vest

Fall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: Outerwear

Cardigans have become a new obsession of mine.  My uniform in the spring consisted of skinny jeans, a Lilly Pulitzer silk camisole, H&M cardigan (the gray one pictured above), and Adidas sneakers.  Switch the sneakers for riding boots and add a scarf and I’m ready for fall!  The above pink cashmere cardigan was a score from the latest Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale.  It’s unbelievably soft and comfortable that it’s a must-have for me transitioning into the cool weather.  Luckily, cardigans are easily accessible wherever you shop.  I found a soft beige cardigan at TJ Maxx for $19.99 last weekend!

H&M (under $20!) | Lilly Pulitzer Cashmere Cardigan | Lilly Pulitzer Blithe Cardigan (under $100!) | Nordstrom (under $100!)

Fall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: OuterwearFall Essentials: Outerwear

And finally, we’ve comes to jackets.  I won’t pull out my coats (peacoats, capes, etc.) until the end of November when the pleasant chilly turns to cold winter.  Until then, leather jackets are my besties.  My wardrobe consists of only faux leather jackets mainly due to the fact that I’m not willing to drop that much on a real leather jacket…yet.  My absolute favorite is my black BLANKNYC jacket from Nordstrom.  The asymmetrical front and collar make it a unique moto jacket to upgrade any outfit.  The faux suede jacket above is stand-out item from my favorite local boutique Pink Avenue.

Black Faux Leather Jacket | Brown Faux Leather Jacket | Faux Suede Open Jacket (Mine is from local boutique Pink Avenue)

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