Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Easily my favorite part of the weekend is lounging around in my comfy pajamas while I sip my coffee, catch up on Instagram, and watch a little Netflix before I get my day started.  I wanted to share with y’all a few of my favorite pajama and lounge wear pieces that I can’t live or relax without.  See my personal favorites below!

Favorite Pajamas & Lounge WearFavorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Favorite Pajamas & Lounge WearFavorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

Victoria’s Secret pajama set (similar here & here) | Eye mask (similar) | Acrylic tray | Faux fur blanket

As much as I love grabbing my usual venti white chocolate mocha from my local Starbucks, driving all the way across town for my coffee fix on the weekends isn’t ideal.  Making a latte from home is easy if you have the right equipment.  My Starbucks Verismo system has been my best friend all through college.  Black coffee?  No problem.  Latte? Easy-peasy.

Favorite Pajamas and Lounge Wear

My recent obsession, however, has been homemade hazelnut hot chocolate.  Want to make it?  Head over to this recent post to find out how in 5 easy steps!  You’re welcome.

How to Make Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

6 thoughts on “Favorite Pajamas & Lounge Wear

  1. I also look forward to pajama and coffee time on the weekends!! Great minds heh? Anyways loved all your pajama selections and now I’m kinda craving coffee. Take care,


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