White & Neon Outfit

White & Neon Outfit

Nothing says hanging on to summer like a white ensemble with neon accessories!  A swoon-worthy outfit fitting for any summer white party awaits you below!

White & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon OutfitWhite & Neon Outfit

Top: Lilly Pulitzer | Pants: Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes: Guess | Bag: TJ Maxx (similar) | Earrings & large pink cuff: local boutique Pink Avenue

White on white is the classic way of saying, “I’m daring and chic” all in one outfit.  Add a little lace in the top and a few neon bracelets, and you’re ready for a summer party!  This beautiful Lilly tank top was a birthday gift from my boyfriend and I have to say I’m in love (with him and the top).  Layering two white pieces is the modern way of creating a neutral outfit.  Then you can add on the fun stuff.

The arm party I created consists of three separate pop color bracelets.  I usually shy away from buying jewelry I won’t wear on a daily basis with multiple outfits, but it always comes in handy to pick up a few statement pieces here and there, like the large, beaded cuff and neon beaded bracelet.  Now can we talk about these earrings?  Again with not being able to wear them with much, but oh my gosh, they’re breathtaking!  And fun.

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