Summer Essentials: Evian Facial Spray

Summer Essentials: Evian Facial SpraySummer is fast approaching, y’all!  Soon, we will be spending every spare moment lounging by the pool, on a boat in the middle of a lake, sunning on a beach, or playing a favorite sport.  With as much sweat, dirt, salt, and chlorine we will be exposing ourselves to, our skin is bound to feel the brunt of the damage.  We all take steps to moisturize and protect our skin before and after long days in the summer sun, but what about during the day?  Enter Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray.


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve added Evian’s natural mineral water facial spray to my daily routine. My skin has never felt so hydrated!  Let me start by saying I have very oily skin.  I take great care in avoiding makeup and beauty products that irritate my skin and increase the oil my skin produces (because no one likes breakouts!).  What makes Evian’s facial spray so wonderful is that it contains natural mineral water. Good old H2O.  The mineral water hydrates your skin without any harsh chemicals that may irritate or damage it. Seems so simple, huh?

Summer Essentials: Evian Facial Spray

Here’s how to use it: Spray Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray a few inches from your face.  That’s it.  The light mist of water refreshes your skin throughout the day, dispelling any dryness or wear and tear you put it through.
Summer Essentials: Evian Facial Spray
The Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray comes in three different sizes to fit your lifestyle.  Keep the 10 oz. bottle at home, the 5 oz. bottle in your desk at work, and the 1.7 oz. bottle (my favorite!) in your purse or beach bag.

Tip: Use the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray over your makeup to keep it fresh and to help restyle your hair after work!
Summer Essentials: Evian Facial Spray
Have you tried Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray?  Let me know about your experience in the comments below!  Don’t forget to check out Evian’s website and follow Evian on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with their latest products!

This post is sponsored by Evian but all opinions are my own, obviously!

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