Super Bowl Style

Super Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl StyleSuper Bowl Style

Green Bay Packers jersey | Forever 21 jean | Zigi Soho booties | Charming Charlie Caralina Cuff bracelet, Pave Marble bangle, Malin Cable bracelet | Green Bay Packer Tervis Tumbler | Walmart link gold & pave bracelet

Go Pack go!  Unfortunately, my boys and my future-husband Clay Matthews (sorry, Colton) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year. (Pause to appreciate my future-husband Clay Matthews.  Like, damn.)  But I’m sticking with the Packers, win or lose.  I’ve been a cheesehead since I was four years old.  I would sit on the couch with my dad, eating Cheez-Its and watching the Packers every time they played.  I even remember when Brett Favre was their quarterback.  Chances are, you’ll be attending a Super Bowl watch party of some sort this Sunday.  And whether or not you know the difference between a touchdown and a touchback, you’ll want to look your best!

The key to Super Bowl Sunday style is comfort.  You are going to be sitting in front of a TV for a few hours, food and bathroom breaks aside.  A dress and heels are my go-tos for parties, but leave them in your closet for this one and opt for jeans and comfortable shoes instead.  Booties are ideal for this occasion because they’re easy to kick off to put your feet up.  Go light on the accessories, as well.  Stacked bracelets add extra feminine flair to my outfit, but won’t get in the way of eating, relaxing, or cheering on my team.

Speaking of my team, Green Bay obviously didn’t make it to the Super Bowl (pause to wipe away tears) and I don’t have a jersey for either the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos.  If you’re stuck in this situation, don’t fret.  Maybe your boyfriend or hubby has an extra t-shirt or jersey you can wear.  If you’re still stuck in this situation, head to Walmart or a sporting goods store like Academy Sports & Outdoors.  Both are likely to have inexpensive t-shirts or jerseys for the team of your choice.  But better snatch one up quick!  They’ll go fast, I promise.

Lastly, if jerseys and NFL teams are not your style and you just can’t bring yourself to wear one even only for the duration of the game, grab a Tervis Tumbler with the team of your choice.  NFL Tervis Tumblers can be found at various Hallmark Gold Crown locations, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and several tother stores most likely in your city.  They are a great way of showing your support without throwing your style.

My pick for this Super Bowl are the Broncos, of course.  Go Peyton!  He deserves another championship ring before he retires from a long, illustrious football career.  Who is your pick?  Let me know in the comments below!

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