6 Things in 2016

6 Things in 2016

We’re saying out with the old and in with the new year this week!  It seems like 2015 has just flown by.  We always hope, pray, and wish this next year will be better than the last.  Here are 6 things to guarantee that your 2016 will kick off to a great start!

  1. Find Your Style

    I don’t know about you, but my day goes ten times better when my outfit is on point.  The perfect outfit that flaunts your personal style exudes confidence, class, and just makes you seem like you have your life together…even when you don’t.  But what if you haven’t yet defined your personal style?  What if you’re floating from trend to trend but haven’t officially said “My style is this“?

    Make it a point to define your style early on in 2016.  Make a list of the pieces in your closet that you wear most often and feel most comfortable in.  It may be those sky-high black leather platforms or those shiny new Adidas kicks.  It may be that wool cape or that chartreuse jumpsuit.  Whatever those pieces are, build your new 2016 wardrobe around them and give it a name.  It may be “thrift shop chic” or “modern classic” or even “neon minimalist”.  Finding your style means finding the best, well-dressed version of you.

  2. Be Rid of Negativity

    Who has time for negativity in their lives?  Get rid of anything and everything that brings you down.  That ultra politico who posts nonstop on Facebook of the impending doom of your country?  Unfriend.  That ex-best friend who subtweets about your relationship?  Unfollow.  That horror TV show that gives you nightmares but you can’t stop watching because you love the romance storyline?  Read the Wiki synopsis and stop watching.  Instead, fill your life with positive vibes.  Set that Beyonce song that makes you feel unstoppable as your alarm in the morning.  Hang out with friends who lift you up and support you.  Send those friends who constantly tear you down, back stab, or try to one-up you to the curb.  Bye Felicia.

  3. Be Social (Sans Media)

    With all the crazy tech floating around these days it’s easy to lose track of your friends and family.  You may think you’re being “social” by having a complete conversation about Justin Bieber’s new music video with your bestie on Twitter, but reality check: you’re not.  Put the phone down and make a date with a friend or a group.  Go out for coffee.  Go shopping.  Go to a poetry reading.  Dinner date.  Movie date.  Mini putt-putt.  Ice skating.  Just go!

  4. Take Up A Lost Art

    I absolutely love lost arts.  It breaks my heart to know they aren’t widely practiced anymore, but I like knowing that I can whip one out when I need it.  What are lost arts?  Take your pick: ballroom dancing, letter writing, calligraphy, scrapbooking, knitting/crocheting, properly setting a table for a five course meal, etc.  The list goes on and on. And yes, they will come in handy every once in a while.  Ballroom dancing will help you out when planning the first dance at your wedding; setting a table will definitely impress your future mother-in-law; scrapbooking will give you a creative way to showcase the beautiful photos you take and mementoes you collect; and knitting will help you create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind infinity scarf for those cold, winter days.  Taking up or learning a lost art gives you a unique hobby for the new year.

  5. Organize & Clean

    Starting out a new year with a clean house, clean closet, clean agenda, and clean makeup drawer just feels amazing.  Start with your closet (see No. 1) and give everything away to charity or sell it on eBay or Poshmark.  Throw out things you haven’t worn more than three times in 2015, things that are too small/too big, don’t fit your new style, etc.  Just dump it!  Move on to your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom drawers, desk drawers, etc. until you are starting off with a clean and organized slate.  Then sit down and sort through your notebooks and papers.  File away the important things into clearly labeled folders and shred (yes, shred) the papers you throw away.  And finally, organize your agenda.  Halfway through 2016, you’ll be happy you did!

  6. Be Good to Your Body

    “Clean eating” seems to be the obvious cliche New Year Resolution.  Why don’t you actually stick to it this time?  The fool-proof way of sticking to it is this: set reasonable goals.  Don’t think you’re going to eat salads every night and work out every day because you’re not.  Actually put that Pinterest board of home-cooked meals to use and sneak in a salad once a week.  Work out twice a week and take a friend with you.  Practice yoga and stretching in the morning before work or in the evening before bed.  Read a devotional book to set your mind at ease during a stressful work or school week.  Pamper yourself with a bubble bath on Friday nights.  Be good to your body.  Love your body.

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