Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites & Essentials: Fashion & Beauty

Today is officially the first day of Fall!  I’m literally jumping up and down with glee, y’all.  No lie.  I’m itching to pull out my cashmere sweaters and leather riding boots but until Mother Nature fully accepts that its time to cool down for the year, I’ll just have to settle for telling y’all all about my favorite things to wear, eat/drink, watch, and do during the Fall!  Part one includes all of my fashion and beauty essentials and part two will be food/drinks, movies, home decor, and activities (to be posted on Friday).  What are your Fall essentials?  Tell me in the comments below!


  • Chunky sweaters Big, comfy sweaters are my absolute go-to when it comes to Fall fashion.  They are so comfortable, warm, and if done right, can be totally stylish.  Check out my picks from Forever 21 and ASOS.
  • Quilted vests The ultimate laying piece, the quilted vest in any color will instantly add both warmth and style to your outfit.  My favorite is from Lilly Pulitzer.
  • Riding boots I don’t think a day goes by in the cooler months that I don’t wear my favorite riding boots.  It may be oh, so white girl basic, but I love them.  DSW is an awesome place to find high quality boots on a budget but you may want to spoil yourself (like I am!) with a pair from Tory Burch.
  • Warm/fuzzy socks It used to be a rule in my house that during the Fall and Winter, I had to wear socks in the house to keep from catching a cold.  To make the rule more appealing, my mom bought me all kinds of soft, fuzzy socks to don.  Now when I lounge around the house, I tend to lean towards the more grown up, versatile, and famous J.Crew camp socks.  I bought my boyfriend a pair for Christmas last year and he absolutely adores them.
  • Blanket scarves This favorite from last Fall has definitely carried its popularity over to 2015.  And thank goodness, too, because I love mine!  I found mine in a local boutique but you can find them everywhere nowadays and ASOS has them for a very reasonable price.
  • Ankle booties This season, the ankle bootie may give the riding boot a run for its money as the most popular cold weather footwear.  Whether they’re fringed or glittered, you can bet they will be a staple in my wardrobe.

Below are a few of my favorite Fall outfit inspirations from Pinterest!

Fall FavoritesFall FavoritesFall FavoritesFall FavoritesFall FavoritesFall FavoritesFall Favorites



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