Day in Dallas

Photo Diary: A Day in Dallas (Loubs, In ‘N Out, & More!)

One of our many family traditions is a weekend at least once a year of shopping, eating, and overall indulgence in Dallas, Texas.  We stay at either the Westin Galleria or La Meridian and literally shop ’til we drop!  But this time we were on a time crunch, so we drove over early Saturday morning and returned home late that same night.  Long?  Yes.  Worth it?  You bet.  With my boyfriend and me piled together in the backseat with a faux fur blanket and plenty of snacks, dad pointed our car towards Dallas.  Check out our adventures below!

Day in Dallas

Our first stop was Half Price Books, one of the main reasons for the trip.  We sell our old and unwanted books and movies there and buy even more to fill their empty spaces on our shelves.  I ended up with Sex and the City seasons 1-3, Laguna Beach seasons 1-2, various fashion books, and a beautiful copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Our next stop was, of course, the Christian Louboutin Boutique in Highland Park Village.  Be still, my beating heart.  I can’t tell you the level of my excitement upon entering the boutique.  I’ve planned the purchase of my first pair of Louboutins for months so I knew exactly what I was looking for.  Colton tagged along to gawk at the men’s selection and squawk at the prices as I tried on the So Kate 120mm heels in nude.  I’m literally dying, y’all.  The boutique manager, Jennifer, couldn’t have been sweeter as she helped me find my perfect fit.  I can now cross them off my Fall 2015 Buy List.

Day in DallasDay in DallasDay in DallasDay in DallasDay in DallasDay in DallasMuch to Colton’s delight (he cared more for his stomach growling than my shoe shopping), we lunched at La Madeline (quiche for me, of course) and ordered almond croissants and Orangina (French carbonated orange juice) to-go.

Day in DallasThe Galleria came next on our well-mapped-out list, with stops in Windsor, Nordstrom, and Godiva.  I bought a beautiful gold leaf headband and a pair of ear jacket earrings then indulged in chocolate truffles.

Day in DallasDay in DallasThen to the American Girl Boutique!  I have been an avid lover of the American Girl dolls since I was little.  Felicity was my first and after that the collection only grew.  My collection now includes 19 dolls, 16 of them from the historical line, two Girls of the Year, and a Today doll.  The chest at the end of my bed is full of clothes and accessories that my mom and I have collected and cherished over the years.  Even though I’m 23, I still love the brand.

Mom had her eye on Julie, the girl from 1974 – mom’s generation.  I was keen on Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year.  I guess it was Grace’s passion for baking and all things Parisian that drew me to her.  Her Welcome Gifts even come with a beret and a set of macarons!  Grace just gets me.

Day in DallasDay in DallasDay in Dallas
Day in Dallas

And finally, to Colton’s stomach’s delight, we found our way to In ‘N Out in Rockwall.  I can’t tell you how much I want the chain to make its way to Arkansas.  Just yum.

Day in DallasDay in Dallas

4 thoughts on “Photo Diary: A Day in Dallas (Loubs, In ‘N Out, & More!)

    1. We love visiting Dallas! Arkansas basically has absolutely no good shopping areas so Dallas is my fav. The heels literally are to die for…the pain of breaking them in is ridiculous! But I’m slowly working on them. You’ll love yours, though! I can’t wait for you to get a pair!


  1. Sounds like a fun day in Dallas! I live right by the Galleria and make my way there way too often- just so many fun shops!! I’ve always wanted to go in Half Price Books- I think I might just have to do that soon!


    1. You must go to Half Price! It’s one of the main reasons we come to Dallas every year. They have such a wide selection of book and movies. I wish I had had more time and knew you lived so close to the Galleria; I would have loved to have shopped with you!

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