The Trendy Sparrow

The Trendy Sparrow

What would Serena van der Woodsen do?  Well just ask The Trendy Sparrow!  I discovered this adorable company on Instagram earlier this year and I absolutely fell in love with their mugs!  Home of the original “What would Blair Waldorf do?” mug that has made every Gossip Girl heart flutter on Tumblr, The Trendy Sparrow offers a wide range of mugs, tumblers, art prints, t-shirts, and sweatshirts featuring adorable and witty sayings.  Each package arrives wrapped snuggly in tissue paper and a white box featuring the company’s logo.  Trust me when I say my wish list includes basically everything on the website!  I chose the Serena mug as my first buy because, let’s face it, S is my spirit animal.

Lindzi Shanks built her empire in The Trendy Sparrow in 2010 and it has soared to success ever since.  Head over to her About page to find out the sweet origin behind the company name!

Check out their website, Etsy, Instagram, and blog for more!

The Trendy SparrowThe Trendy SparrowThe Trendy Sparrow

4 thoughts on “The Trendy Sparrow

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I still semi (completely) obsess over Gossip Girl so this mug was perfect for me. The Blair mug is my next purchase!


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