Planning Ahead: Tips for Organizing Your Agenda


August 1, 2015 is almost here! AKA the day Lilly girls everywhere will be able to use their beautiful agendas.  Whether you’ve chosen the perfect preppy Lilly Pulitzer agenda, or you’ve opted for a more subtle Kate Spade, it’s now time to fill its crisp pages with all of your exciting parties, dates, work events, exam dates, etc.  Trust me when I say it can get pretty overwhelming very quickly!  So, I’ve compiled a few tips on how to keep your agenda in tip-top organized shape so you’ll never miss an important class presentation or a date with that handsome guy from Starbucks.

  1. Color Coding:  Now, I’m the first to admit that color coding can be a huge pain.  Lilly AgendaKeeping up with so all the different color pens, remembering which category each pen color goes to, running out of ink in a well-used pen… It can get confusing and exhausting.  However, color coding is definitely, I repeat, definitely worth it in the end.  Here’s how to make it out alive: First, keep the categories minimal.  I’ve narrowed mine down to four (work, money, blog, and personal events).  This will keep the number of pens you use to a minimum and prevent you from being blinded by too many colors every time you open your agenda.  Keep a small code key somewhere towards the front of your agenda; I slid mine in the front pocket.  Second, choose pens you use frequently and are easy to find in store.  By choosing pens you use on a daily basis in other parts of your life, you’re bound to have a few laying around when you need them and when you run out of ink (gasp), you’ll be able to run to Target and find more easily.  Third (and probably most important), whenever you’re out and about, use a pencil to write in any dates, times, or notes.  Using a pencil instead of pens allows you to only carry one writing utensil instead of three or four.  Then, when you get back home, you can erase the pencil and write the event in its designated color!
  2. Stickers:  Unfortunately, this Lilly Agendais a tip I do not practice.  I am a self-professed sticker-phobe.  I can’t stand them, even in my agenda!  But for those of you who are normal and don’t have an irrational fear of stickers, they are a great way of reminding you of important dates.  Most agendas nowadays come with a page or two of stickers but if yours didn’t, you can easily find them in places like Office Depot.  Use stickers to mark birthdays, test dates, deadlines, etc. so your eye will immediately be drawn to them when you open the page.
  3. Mini Sticky Notes:  Sticky notes Lilly Agendaare everywhere in my office.  They’re all over my desk and Mac monitor.  So why not use them in my agenda?  I’ve found that full-size sticky notes are often too bulky for my small agenda so I opt for the mini version.  Whenever there’s a tentative deadline or event that I want to be able to easily move around, I’ll write it on a sticky note and place it on the date.
  4. Whiteout:  This little Lilly Agendahandy invention is my lifesaver when
    an event is cancelled,
    a seemingly permanent deadline is moved, or I make a mistake when filling everything in.  Always keep a bottle of whiteout handy when filling out in pen.  You never know when you’ll need it!
  5. Syncing:  If you’re like me, I don’t just have one place where I keep my dates.  I have my Lilly agenda, a work calendar that everyone at the office uses, a calendar drawn on the white board in my office, and the calendar app on my iPhone.  Talk about confusing, right?  So if you do have more than one agenda or calendar, make time to sync everything.  Lilly AgendaPick out the important dates you need to remember and type them up in your phone.  Make sure the times and dates jive on your Google calendar.  Just set aside ten minutes once or even twice a week to sync all of your calendars so you’ll never forget!


Lilly Agenda

Lilly Agenda

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