Coffee & Shakespeare

On the occasional weekend when I have a few moments to myself, I indulge in a good book and a cup of coffee to rejuvenate myself from my busy schedule.  Last weekend, I opened my volume of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare to The Merchant of Venice and dove in.  Colton is taking me to see The Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre‘s opening night performance of the play in June.  My mom and I saw their performance of Hamlet last season and it was absolutely riveting!  Incredible acting.

I haven’t read The Merchant of Venice since sophomore year of high school so I’m in desperate need of a refresher course.  Shakespeare is one of those authors that can do no wrong, in my book.  His plays always put me in a good mood, even when everyone dies at the end…ahem…Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Anthony and Cleopatra, King Lear… basically all his tragedies (spoilers!).

Just in case you’re wondering my favorite Shakespearean plays are (in order):

  • Much Ado About Nothing – It’s hilarious. Just trust me.
  • Hamlet – Because who doesn’t love someone pretending to be insane to lure out his father’s murderous brother?
  • Othello – Gotta love your husband’s bestie convincing him you’re sleeping around with another of your friends so you need to be killed.
  • Romeo and Juliet – There is nothing romantic about this story; they were both idiots. But the words are too beautiful to ignore.
  • Macbeth – Not gonna lie, my favorite part of this play is the witches.
  • Julius Caesar – et tu brute?

You’re welcome.

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