Photo Diary: A Day of Indulgence

After an exhausting and stressful week at work filled with software training, designing, and errand-running, I was in need of some serious pampering.  I have Fridays off so I threw on my favorite heels and drove to Little Rock to shop and sip lattes for the day with the promise of a wonderful date with my boyfriend that evening.  Here are just a few snippets from my fabulous day of indulgence. Enjoy!

I started the day with a stop at a The Blue Brick Boutique in downtown Hot Springs. I recently discovered this adorable boutique carries Kendra Scott jewelry so naturally I purchased the Danielle earrings and the Arden drusy bracelet.

Kendra ScottThen it was off to Little Rock! I did my research and discovered the most adorable coffee house Called Mylo Coffee Co. in the Heights of Little Rock. The interior is modern and the lattes and baked goods are divine! I sipped a gorgeous latte while skimming an art magazine featuring an article on an annual music festival hosted in my hometown. Can’t wait to don my flower crown for Valley of the Vapors!

Mylo CoffeeMylo CoffeeMylo CoffeeMylo CoffeeMylo CoffeeKouign Amann (left to right: roasted pear and cinnamon and tahini) and mocha macarons

Mylo CoffeeAnd finally more shopping! I stopped in J.Crew to purchase the Hello gallery tee and Charming Charlie to stock up on more midi rings and earrings.

J.CrewAt long last, Colton got off work and met me at Big Orange for beer and burgers. So much shopping gave me an appetite!

Big OrangeBig OrangeBig OrangeAs we finished off our glasses and plates and were wondering what to do with the rest of our night, Colton mentioned a surprise bonfire birthday party for one of his friends that evening. There was only one tiny problem with us attending…my footwear. I had worn my favorite nude pointed heels and I was not about to ruin them walking through mud to a bonfire. The solution? Being the gentleman he is, Colton walked me across the street to DSW and bought me a pair of seersucker Sperrys!

SperrysWe arrived at the bonfire an hour late but it was definitely worth it. It was a special moment for us since this particular spot is where we met on Halloween. Reading our minds, one of Colton’s friends even exclaimed, “This is where the magic happened!” Lights hung from the rafters of the red barn next to the fire and it looked magical, just like the night I first laid eyes on my handsome boyfriend.

IMG_2381BarnBonfireEasily one of the best, most relaxing days I’ve had in a very long time. All thanks to Kendra, J.Crew, and my perfect boyfriend.




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