Flower Child

Flower Child of the ’90’s

When I think flower crowns, I think summer, Coachella, flowing skirts, and running barefoot through the grass.  I definitely don’t think winter.  I bought into the flower crown obsession early last year and only wore this pretty blue one twice before it found its way into my fashion junk drawer.  Not because I didn’t like it, but because it was something I could only wear with a certain number of outfits to only certain venues.  But since yesterday’s Arkansas weather was uncannily beautiful and warm for February, I decided to break it out again.  I paired it with a dark grey maxi dress with a braided belt to cinch in the waist.  It it were summer, I’d wear a pair of gold roman sandals but since there was still a slight chill in the air, I wore brown booties.  Booties and maxis actually go great together for the colder months.  Who knew!  I don’t know what it is about the boho chic look but I love it.  I guess I’m just a flower child born in the ’90’s.

Flower ChildFlower ChildFlower ChildFlower ChildFlower ChildFlower ChildFlower ChildFlower Child

 Lush maxi dress

Charming Charlie booties

Tassel necklace from a local boutique

Flower crown from Rue 21

P.S. My Canon camera is currently out of commission.  I seemed to have lost the battery charger and can’t find it anywhere.  My battery finally died on Monday so I’ll have to order a new charger ASAP.  So if the quality of the photos seems a little off, that’s why!

P.P.S. I didn’t edit any of these photos except for the last two (I lightened them because I took them in shadow).  I guess the sun and my iPhone knew what they were doing!

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