All Bets Are On A Perfect Date

I guess I can’t really hide my hometown any longer.  I’ve called Hot Springs, Arkansas home for 22 years.  We are America’s first National Park and resort.  People have traveled from all over the world for centuries to visit our legendary hot spring spas from Bathhouse Row in the middle of downtown.  Hot Springs was known as Al Capone’s favorite hideout, and was the birthplace of Major League Baseball spring training.  According to historians, Babe Ruth loved coming here.  He couldn’t resist playing golf at the Hot Springs Country Club or gambling away his earnings at Oaklawn Jockey Club.  Oaklawn is one of my favorite parts of my hometown.  We are the home of the Arkansas Derby and have seen many racing greats pass through our little city.  Whether you gamble your money away on the races or not, just going to watch the beautiful steeds is a must.

My boyfriend has never been to a horse race, so yesterday I was his guide.  Let’s just say he did better than me at picking winners.  Totally beginner’s luck, right?  We watched the first race from the rail just to hear the thundering of nine horses racing to the finish line then we settled in a box that belongs to a friend of the family for the day.  We picked both long shots and winners, lost money and won, but we had a blast while doing it.  There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching the 25 – 1 horse you picked win literally by a nose.  Well, I wouldn’t know.  But my boyfriend sure does!  You can bet we’ll have another date there soon.


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