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White Jeans +

One of this summer’s quintessential fashion staples is a pair of white jeans.  I can’t tell you how invaluable this piece has been to my summer wardrobe!  A pair of crisp white jeans plus a slouchy boyfriend tee, or white jeans plus an oxford, makes for the perfect on-the-go outfit when running errands, lunching with friends, or having dinner with family.  Trust me, you need this versatile piece in your closet. I absolutely cannot wait until the fall to try them out with leather boots and sweaters. My prediction is that I’ll love the way they look!

My goal for this post was to put together at least four practical outfits, ranging from uber casual to evening, all centering around my pair of white jeans.  With each outfit, I wore the white jeans plus a trendy top, cute shoes, and coordinating accessories.  This particular pair of white jeans I bought at a local boutique.  The brand is Kancan and they are THE softest and most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn!  They’re high-waisted and I bought them in size 1 since that’s the smallest size the boutique had…although I really could have used a size 0.  Each outfit detail is listed below the photos! Which outfit is your favorite?  What is your favorite thing to pair with your white jeans? Let me know in the comments below!

Uber Casual

Uber Casual

Aerie London top

Wet Seal sandals

Neon bead and tassel bracelet

Hip, Not Hipster

Hip Not HipsterHip Not HipsterHip Not Hipster

Ann Taylor striped top

Ralph Lauren wedges

Romancing the Stone fedora (yes, fedoras can be cute!)

Perfectly Preppy

Perfectly PreppyPerfectly Preppy

Ralph Lauren Oxford

Gold sequin Sperry’s

Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Silver accessories

Lightly Edgy

Lightly EdgyLightly Edgy

Peplum top from a local boutique

Rampage wedges

Versona cuff

Patent leather clutch was a gift

3 thoughts on “White Jeans +

  1. oooh! You’ve given me so many ideas! I bought a pair on sale at Ann Taylor and haven’t worn them yet. It’s so humid on the coast that it’s too miserable to wear anything but a swimsuit all day lol


    1. Thank you so much! It’s so humid here in Arkansas too so I tend to only wear jeans in small spurts. This particular pair is very lightweight so it’s easy to wear even in hotter weather. I’m jealous of you getting to wear swimsuits all the time lol. I rarely ever have time to run to the pool or take a trip to the beach!


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