La confection français parfait

Paris perfection a la Blair
Paris perfection a la Blair

If you give me a dozen or so macarons, I will be your bestie forever.  To be completely honest, my obsession began with Blair Waldorf and her picture perfect summer vacation in Paris (a la season 4, episode 1), where she nibbled on the delicious confection with le tour Eiffel in the background.  Probably the world’s most famous macaron producer is Ladurée Paris.  There are two Ladurée stores in New York City if you absolutely must have the little pink box that Blair constantly had in her hand.  For those of us who cannot make it to NYC or Paris on a whim, you can simply Google where to find French macarons in your area.  Lately, I’ve been buying macarons so much that it is hardly a luxury anymore.  Whenever I post a new picture of my sweet confection on Instagram (it’s an addiction), my friends usually text me saying “Again??”  I simply reply “Always.”

I tend to go a little picture crazy with my Canon Rebel so I’ve included just a few of my favorite macaron pictures from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy, loves!

Macarons and ElleMacarons



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