Nail Polish Obsession

Obesession #1: Nail Polish

It’s a curse, I swear.  At least that’s what I tell my mom as she rolls her eyes when I come home from the store with a new bottle of nail polish.  I can never, I repeat never, leave a store without perusing the beauty section to select my latest addition to my collection.  It’s an addiction that I need no intervention for.  An even bigger problem that I face is selecting the nail polish to wear.  I take into account the season, the weather, my mood, my outfits for the week, etc. while I sort through my immense collection (not an easy task).  Rarely do I ever go to a salon for a mani/pedi.  I go by the words of the once-great Amanda Bynes in What a Girl Wants (2003): “Mom says if you can walk on a beach and you have a steady hand with nail polish… there’s no reason to ever pay for a pedicure.”  I prefer to spend my money elsewhere than on something that will chip away the first time I pick up my purse (the ultimate white girl problem).  I decided to showcase just a few favorite colors of my of my collection for my first post.

Polish Collage

(1)  Lily by Revlon Top Speed – The perfect subtle spring pastel. (2) Iconic by Revlon – Dark enough to reflect my gloomy moods but chicer than straight black. (3) Buttercup by Revlon Color Stay – Again, a wonderful spring color, especially to pair with that perfect Easter dress. (4) Blue My Mind by H&M – I literally fell in love with this bright blue. I find it’s the cheaper version of YSL’s Bleau Majorelle. (5) Cute as a Button by Essie – A bright, summery mix of coral and pink. (6) Mint Candy Apple by Essie –  A mix of mint and Tiffany blue…need I say more? (7) Bronze Beauty by Cover Girl – Just a hint of sparkle when you need it.

What are your favorite, can’t-survive-without, fall-back nail colors? Let me know below!

With love,

Chic Little Honey

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